God wants to use you to
make a difference.

You are invaluable and irreplaceable!

Go and Serve.

At Steamboat Christian Center, we truly believe that you are invaluable and irreplaceable!
We also believe that YOU have unique gifts and experiences to use for Christ. Serving is one of the easiest ways to meet people, develop relationships, and grow as a follower of Christ. And it’s not just on the weekends!

How you can serve

host team & online

Our main goal is to provide a fun, warm, welcoming experience to the guests of SCC in person and online!

& Broadcast

Musicians, technicians, & volunteers who help make our weekend services sound and look great in person and online!

Steamboat Kids & Hype

Made up of amazing people who give their time and care to the next generation of believers and leaders!


At Steamboat Christian Center, we believe in missions, both around the world and down the street. We are incredibly privileged to be able to support over 45 missionaries, here in Steamboat, in Colorado and in over 20 countries globally. Ten percent of all income at SCC goes directly towards missions efforts, locally and globally. Contact scc@steamboatchristian.com for more information on upcoming trips!