JED talks

Your story has just begun! We want to invite you to JED talks, which is a red carpet night where YOU invest in YOU. JED Talks have a format similar to TED Talks but the conversation is about Jesus and how YOU can discover your next step as a follower of Christ.

The specs

Tuesday, March 9th @ 5:30pm at the Family Life Center at SCC. Doors open at 5pm and registration closes at 5:25. The fun begins promptly at 5:30pm. 

JED talks are $15/person – included with registration is a swag bag, follow-up resources, and a delicious boxed meal.

Childcare at SCC will not be provided, however, we will send you $15 for childcare in your home. Just mark your registration form!

Because if you’re anything like us, you are empty on connection, and there’s no time like now to start new habits or gain new perspective when it comes to your journey with Jesus. Let’s do this!

The first 50 people may attend due to Covid restrictions so sign up TODAY! Masks and social distancing will be in place and we will take every precaution to ensure everyone is safe and comfortable.

The event will be recorded, however, you won’t receive a swag bag or the follow-up, but JED Talks will take place once a month!