How to make goals

Big ideas:

  • Growth doesn’t happen by accident.
  • Who do you want to be? Who you want to BE determines what you need to DO.
  • I want to be more _____________. So today I will ________________.
  • We owe it to our church to be the best leaders we can be, and to make goals to motivate ourselves and our teams on to growth.
  • Setting good goals isn’t easy – take your time – think about it, then think about it again.

Few guidelines:

  1. Set a timeline (1st quarter) – a year is too long, too immeasurable, can’t build momentum, you want to celebrate it and make people feel like they’re winning
  2. Set more Input Goals vs Outcome Goals (you can’t necessarily control the outcome, but you can contorl the input)
  3. Set goals in areas where you have natural momentum (pour gas on a fire that naturally exists)
  4. But also spend time on the hard things, because we want to be balanced according to our core values and culture
  5. Ask: what has to be true in order to get me from HERE to THERE?
  6. Make your goals specific (i.e. I want to be healthier – not specific. I want to drink more water, eat more protein – specific.)
  7. Make your goals measurable (i.e. I want our team to communicate better – not measurable. I want our team members to answer texts within an hour, emails within 24 hours – measurable.)
  8. Make sure your goals fit into our culture (core values – and the second lines of each! i.e. We will do anything short of sin to reach people who do not know Christ. To reach no one is reaching, we will have to do things no one is doing!)
  9. Make objective goals (yield tangible, quantifiable results – numbers, money value, etc.) & value goals (yield behavior, relationships and culture). Objective goal example: 100 seconds timers in the first quarter. Value goal example: I’m going to strengthen my relationships with my volunteers by meeting with them weekly.


Todo: Set Personal Leadership Goals 

  • Make sure these aren’t just personal – make them about your leadership as well
  • Write down as many as you want – we will narrow these down together.


Todo: Set Ministry Goals

  • Write down as many as you want – we will narrow these down together.

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