Drive-By Prayer Guide

Personal or Family Prayer Journey

Prayer is powerful, and it can change things. It can change us even if the situations around us do not change. Sometimes prayer involves movement, going to a place to deal with something specific. Visit these places this week on your own or with your family. Let these prayer points guide your journey.


1) God Is Bigger than the Pandemic

Go the parking lot of the local hospital, an urgent care facility or your doctor’s office.

Prayer Focus: If new Covid cases reduce and stay below seven in our community, the government will move into a new phase of reopening. This will allow some larger public gatherings, such as the SCC services to restart.


2) Our Children Will Impact Our Combined Future

Go to a local school. If you have school-aged children, go to their specific school. Otherwise, pick a local school and pray over students, teachers, administrators and parents as children return to school.

Prayer Focus: As school reopens, pray protection over the students, teachers and school staff. May they adapt to the current learning challenges and remain healthy and Covid-free.


3) Our Government Leaders Matter

Go to the Routt County Office Building at 522 Lincoln Ave as a place that represents both local and national government. Find a nice place in the front and pray for our leaders.

Prayer Focus: Name specific government leaders and pray for them to make wise, godly choices. Ask for God to impact their perspective to value principle over party and to work toward the common good. Thank God for the freedoms and blessings that we have in this country. Specifically lift up the racial unrest and concerns for mutual justice that have arisen in our society. May God move in our government to ensure equality of the law and opportunity.


4) Blessings on the Churches and Their Community Impact

Go to the Church Directory at the edge of the Routt County Office Building front lot, across from Old Towne Pub. Pray for your church as well as all the churches in town.

Prayer Focus:  Pray that the Lord will financially bless and open up opportunities for the churches to minister and share God’s love. Pray for creative connections with the community, and true impact that will bring hope to those who are hurting.


5) Awareness and Awakening in the Community

Pick a park or anywhere you really like to go that represents the community to you. Go to this place.

Prayer Focus:  Pray for God to move in people’s hearts that they would see Jesus as the answer for our world’s problems. May more Christians get into little conversations that lead to invitations to discover hope in Christ. May God makes those little interruptions this week in our lives.