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Imprisoned for attending church, Dave’s grandfather orchestrated a do or die escape from the communist regime of North Korea.  His grandfather would go on to help build a church in South Korea and so Christian faith was always engrained in Dave’s upbringing.  

Although Dave is a third generation native Coloradoan he spent 22 years living in the British Virgin Islands where he met his wife of 26 years, Carolina.  Together they have two boys and have been partners at SCC for about 4 years.  

Dave has volunteered on non profit organizations both here and abroad and lead an international youth mission trip in 2018.  He currently serves on the SCC Host Team, Care Team, and provides financial and investing guidance for SCC events and staff.

Dave is a graduate of the University of Colorado, Boulder where he has obtained both an undergraduate degree in Environmental Biology and a Master of Business Association.  Dave formed small businesses specializing in management of membership organizations and marketing of international real estate during his time abroad.  Today he continues his business interests in a variety of small endeavors.


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