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Church Online Team

We’re so happy to have you a part of SCC’s Church Online team!

We exist to love God and love people! More than anything, we want to make people feel welcome, CHAT A LOT especially at the beginning and ending (even if no one is chatting back :), and help lead people to a next step. If you have ANY questions as you’re preparing or as you’re doing it live, please text Julie at (970-819-1780). 

Links to post

This Week’s Links & Language 

Feel free to post links multiple times throughout the experience. Recognize that people hop on and hop off so posting things a few times is helpful and appropriate. 

You can also visit (this is where the QR code goes that’s on the back of the seats in person) and copy and paste any events from there.

When the message begins, reference last week’s message and takeaways if you can – this is always helpful. You can even search for and post last week’s message link to keep people up to date with the series.

During the message also feel free to give your own insight to what the speaker is saying.

Do your best to use everyday language that anyone can understand and relate to (believers and unbelievers).


  • If you’re just checking SCC out we would love to say hi and send you some Starbucks just for watching! Visit
      • Good timing: during the countdown, during the 180, at the beginning of the message (post several times).
  • Discover ways to stay connected to SCC all year around no matter where you live.
  • If we can help you in any way please let us know.
    • Towards the end of the message.
  • Next weekend is Mother’s Day – invite a mom to watch with you! 
  • Seeker, Starter or Returner to faith? Checking out Starting Point
  • SCC’s next Masterclass is May 28th featuring speaker, Julie Lewis
  • (no) Life is better connected! Check out groups
  • Share this message with your friends or family members who may have doubts and questions about faith and God.
  • Parents, bring your students to MDWK! Wednesdays @ 7pm for middle and high school students 
  • Have you found your place to serve? We want to invite you to be a part of the Team! Check out ALL the places to serve at
    • Good timing: During the message, after the message
  • If we can pray for you about anything we would love to do that!
    • Good timing: during a challenging part of the message, and during the last prayer
  • If you need any sort of help please let us know.
    • Good timing: during the message, after the message
  • Take notes during the message today at You can email yourself after! 
    • Good timing: when the message begins
  • Missed any recent messages? Check out recent messages on Youtube 
    • Good timing: when the message begins
  • OR download SCC’s app on your device and watch or listen on the go! Visit
    • Good timing: during the countdown, during the 180, during the message
  • Be sure to SUBSCRIBE! Click the subscribe button! (on YouTube) We would love to stay connected to you.
    • Good timing: during the message when the speaker isn’t too serious
  • If you’re just visiting, we would love to stay connected with you no matter where you are from around the country. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube to engage with what’s happening here in Steamboat as together we love God and love people!
    • Good timing: during the message when the speaker isn’t too serious

youtube team

Please watch the following example of a past message for some ideas and tips! (Be sure to OPEN the “Show Chat Replay” on the right hand side.

YouTube sample

Logging on

  • Use a computer so that you can turn on the chat on the right hand side. You will need to login (your gmail or google account works) or create a login. Be sure to get this set up by the Friday before you serve so you’re ready to go – and if you have any questions about this part let us know!
  • It’s best if your login name is your actual name, so that you’re easily identified.

Facebook team

Please watch the following example of a past message for some ideas and tips! The chat is already “done” so you’ll see 46 comments that were made throughout the experience.

Facebook sample

Logging on

  • You can use a computer or phone, as the chat shows up on both!
  • It’s best if your login name is your actual name, so that you’re easily identified.


Love God, love people!

  • Be ready to “chat” 15 minutes early. There will be a 15 minute countdown, and the livestream will appear on Facebook and YouTube 15 minutes early. Post a welcome message when you get on, even if no one else is there yet – like “Hey thanks for being here! My name is <> and I’m on SCC’s Church Online Team, and I’m so glad you’re here with us!”  (Change this up so you’re not posting the same thing as your teammate).
  • If there’s two of you hosting the event, you can chat with each other – that usually engages other people to join in. But when someone else comments, stop chatting with your friend 🙂
  • Envision the guests as real people. When you can see them as friends or family members it will help you communicate naturally, lovingly and respectfully which will draw them in.
  • Use normal language for believers and non-believers. Recognize that Church online is perfect for people to check out church for the first time, so we want to make sure they feel comfortable and that they can easily fit in. Avoid terms or phrases that would exclude a newcomer.
  • If people aren’t engaging, just keep at it and have fun! Ask questions, talk about Steamboat, last week’s message, what it means to you, etc. and encourage engagement until people start joining in.
  • To increase engagement, you can ask “Hey let us know who is here?” And when someone comments, welcome them right away with “Hi Carol!” “Thanks for being here Joe!” Welcome EVERY person that comments. You can also ask “How long have you been a part of SCC?” “What’s been your favorite part about church online?” Avoid questions about the weather or Netflix or anything unrelated to what’s about to happen.
  • Some of the video content may be funny and engaging – you don’t have to comment on the content but you can if you like. It might be more interesting to have side conversations about the questions above. We want the viewer to be the “hero” so to speak, so avoid making comments about how “good” so-n-so is on the screen.
  • We always want to make a big push to invite someone to watch with the viewer. Quick comments like this are good: “Hey invite someone to watch with you!” (be sure to include the http:// or if won’t be a real link)
  • Feel free to comment throughout the opening and the songs, as people jump on, however, when the message begins, you may want to limit comments. But you can feel free to quote the big points! Avoid comments like “Amen” or churchy words that would exclude someone just checking it out.
  • At the end you will have just a quick minute to say goodbye and thanks for coming, etc. – you can say “Thanks for being here – we love you all and hope to see you next week!” “Let us know how we can help you and your family!” “Need prayer? Visit  Need help? Visit”  When the video is “over” the chat will close as well (on YouTube)
  • You can also post your own prayer at the end if you feel comfortable – pray for the people who watched, ask God to continue to speak to them this week, etc. You might have this typed out ahead of time so you can just paste it into the chat.