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SCC Music Auditions

We’re excited for your interest in auditioning for the music teams at Steamboat Christian Center! Please read about the team below and fill out the brief form so that we can get to know you and your music background a little bit better. You will also find some details on what to prepare for in your audition.

loving god and loving people through music

We understand that on any given weekend there are people checking out SCC, exploring Jesus and faith, and so our music reflects the desire to connect culturally and relevantly so that anyone can engage.

Our weekend experiences are designed to inspire and leave people searching for more! We intentionally plan the music to relate to everyone in the room, no matter their church background or relationship with Jesus. We also intentionally plan other more intentional and relational venues for developing the purpose and heart of loving God and loving People through music. 


Play an instrument or sing? We would love to know more about you and your music background. We’re always looking for people like you!


Are you in Middle School or High School and love music? Be a part of MDWK Music on Wednesdays! Let us know what your mad skills are!


Parents! Your kids can be a part of music at Steamboat Kids! No singing experience needed – but lots of energy required!

looking for other ways to serve?

No matter if you’re local or live in another state, there are so many great places to find your spot here to love God and love people.
Here are some other ways to stay in touch with what’s happening at Steamboat Christian Center.